The North East Singing Waiters



For many weddings you want to do something different you want to do something you will never forget.
Why not give The performing waiters a try? The three award winning singers will blend in with your venue’s staff and work along them no one will suspect that they are not ordinary staff until they break into song. Whilst you and your guests are enjoying your wedding breakfast,.One of the singers will then walk over to a mic and ask for the attention of the room and ask if he may sing a song for the bride and groom on behalf of the venue. He will perform a song and it will amaze the guests. He will then be challenged by the other waiters/singers. Your guests will be fully included in this process making it fun.The next 2 singers will go on to perform amazing songs and your guests will be delighted. After the third singer has performed The Entertaining Waiters will join up and perform a song in front of you and your guest acappella to open The Entertaining Waiters show. They will interact with you and your guests getting them to sing and dance. It is a fantastic way make your wedding unique and ensure that you and your guests remember the day for many years to come. For more info on this fantastic show click the Booking form booking information form




Please send an e-mail, using the feedback form below, leaving a valid return e-mail address for a prompt reply to any of your queries and questions. On response if you would like to book The North east singing waiters you can click the BUY NOW button to pay your deposit. Max charge for deposit is £100

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